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Puppy Cuteness Overload | Litchfield, CT Photographer

Oh the joys of Summer! It’s my favorite season. I love the sunshine, the greenery, the heat, the free days spent swimming and soaking up vitamin D. As usual I spent a large portion of my Summer with my family in the Czech Republic. It’s the only place I get to visit now that I live in the US but I can’t imagine a better place to be. The childhood memories come flooding back as soon as I set foot into my parents home. My Mom makes sure we get well fed, she loves to cook for us and we come back every year a few pounds happier 🙂

This year I met some wonderful new friends. Michaela Skokanova from Ustek owns a breeding station called LabskĂ˝ vĂ­tr  and invited us for a visit and to photograph a new litter of her beautiful flat coated retrievers. And boy were those puppies adorable! We got to visit twice and had the pleasure of seeing these cuties grow. You can see here in the photos how much they changed in just two short weeks. They were born on June 28th, 2014 and the first session was done at about 4 weeks while they were still very sleepy.  Enjoy the cuteness of these 7 boys and one lady named Calberto, Cash, Clooney, Crisspy, Cooky, Casper, Caleri and Cider. At this time they are all with their new people “packs”.

F a c e b o o k