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My mother is a perfectionist. Her house is spotless, her christmas cookies are little works of art -one exactly the same as the next. Her perfectionism is even more impressive considering she worked full time doing hard farm work, built a house with my Dad both working on it themselves and raised three unruly children. Growing up and learning from her was challenging. Back then I was more interested in getting things done as fast as possible rather than perfectly so I could go back to doing things I enjoyed more. Like reading and riding horses. I didn’t understand her “obsession” about having everything so perfect, especially since things like cookies never lasted long as we ate them within a few days. A clean house didn’t last either, living at a farm meant lots of dirt dragged into the house.  Having my own home and family taught me respect and appreciation of what she did and still does for us but I never thought I would be a perfectionist like she is. Until a few months ago it suddenly hit me….I am exactly like her! No, my house is not spotless and my christmas cookies are not little works of art. As a matter of fact you can say that they taste better than they look since I have her recipes but not her baking skills. But I realized that I am equally “obsessed” with my photography as she is with her home keeping! I am capable of sitting in front of the computer working on one single photo for hours. Trying this adjustment then that one, turning it into black and white, dodging and burning (selective lightening and darkening), sharpening, softening, adjusting contrast, saturation….then trying something else again. Until I am finally satisfied and proclaim the image perfect and ready to be presented. What is worse, I actually enjoy myself doing it! Huh….never saw that one coming 🙂 Thank you Mom!

Enough about me. Here are a few more of my favorite images from the Model Sessions.


admin - June 30, 2011 - 11:55 am

Thank you Jenny!

Jenny Schule - June 30, 2011 - 11:46 am

Having had the pleasure of receiving your Christmas cookies, I have to disagree. They are works of art and just as beautiful as your photographs!

Model Search | North Andover, MA Child Photographer

A few weeks ago I launched a Search for cute child models for my upcoming marketing opportunities. I am in need of Studio Brochures, new business cards and a few other printed materials now that Photos By Hana became Hana Portrait Design. This is just a quick sample of some of my favorites. More coming soon!

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Long overdue blog is finally born. What a steep learning curve but hopefully I will get a hang of this soon. Please keep checking back 🙂

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