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Photography 101 introduction | Newburyport MA Family Photographer

So you have a beautiful digital camera. You love it and use it all the time. You wish you had time to learn all it can do for you but ever since you unpacked it you’ve been keeping it on “A” for Auto. It cost a lot of money so it has to be smart enough to do everything for you by itself, right? Right. The newest line of digital SLRs really do a great job delivering a nice photo most of the time. However, it cannot read your mind. It measures light, calculates the correct exposure and saves it on its sensor for you. It doesn’t know that you want an artsy backlit photo, a silhouette or a sharp face with creamy out of focus background. And there are situations that even the most expensive cameras get fooled. Take snow for example. Do your snow photos come out grey? That’s because cameras are programmed for the optimum, the middle road which in terms of colors and light is grey. Your camera thinks that you want all your photos in the average zone of exposures. When photographing snow you always need to “overexpose” a.k.a tell the camera to let more light in. Does all this sound too complicated? And technical? You don’t need to learn everything in one day and you don’t need to learn everything about photography at all to capture better photos. We’ll take things slow, one by one and eeeaaasy. If you are interested please subscribe to my blog, get ready for some easy learning and wait for the first lesson coming up soon!

In the meantime, take a look at this gorgeous family! They are so fun to hang out with, happy all the time and all so good looking. They never complained a word about the swarming gnats we had the misfortune to share the beach with that evening.


Jenny - September 11, 2011 - 7:14 pm

So stunning! I love them all!!!

Summer Nights | Andover, MA Newborn Photographer

I love Summer. I love the heat (hubby calls me a lizard), love to swim, love ice-cream and cold watermelon on a hot day and the green everywhere. There is nothing like the sun on my skin, the feel of grass or sand under my feet, the chirping of birds and the knowing that summer is here. And when the sun is gone we are left with a cool summer night full of cricket and frog sounds under the stars.

To me summer nights have magic to them. When I was a child about 12 years old we used to camp with friends during the summer. There were several of us with tents and we’d set camp in the middle of the village on the grassy common and sleep there in our sleeping bags. We’d stay up as late as we wanted because no parents were there to check on us. We ran and played outside in the night way past midnight. We’d do a lot of mischief too. Stealing fruits from sleeping orchards and gardens, sneaking into the barn and jumping on hay, going to the cemetery at midnight pretending that we are not scared and wait, I shouldn’t tell on myself like this :).

One of my favorite memories from this time is when the boys did a prank on us the girls. When my girlfriend and I went into our tent one night we felt something strange and crunchy there. We felt all around us in the dark with our hands until we found a flashlight. There were beetles in our tent. It seemed like hundreds of large beetles. They were in our sleeping bags, crawling and flying all around the tent… everywhere. We spent a long time trying to clean the tent enough to sleep in it. Still I found flattened bugs under my air mattress the next morning. I was very impressed with this little prank because I’ve never seen so many of these beetles.  They were actually pretty rare in our area. Beautiful nocturnal beetles that only come around in the summer in Europe. This beetle is called Cockchafer or a May Bug and if you are interested in seeing what it looks like click here to enjoy a Wikipedia article about it 🙂

And here is a Summer Baby. This gorgeous little guy came to see me at just 7 days new and he was just awesome to photograph. His parents are so in love with him and with each other, it was a joy to be around them while I had the privilege of capturing these memories for them and their little pride and joy.

Jenny Schule - August 31, 2011 - 2:01 pm

Love these! And the bee is adorable, especially with his little toe sticking out!! 🙂

Beautiful Eyes | Tewksbury, MA Child Photographer

Sharing the Love! This post an entry into a weekly challenge at “I Heart Faces” photo blog. One of my all time favorite images of my favorite girl. I can’t wait to see her again soon! She has the most amazing blue eyes 🙂

art images - August 16, 2011 - 9:08 am

Great…I enjojed it

Shobhit - August 15, 2011 - 10:20 pm

Both flowers are complimenting each other.

April - August 15, 2011 - 9:35 pm

Simply stunning!

k - August 15, 2011 - 9:09 pm


Zena H - August 15, 2011 - 8:32 pm

Lovely shot – what a gorgeous model and fab colours too 🙂

Lorie V. - August 15, 2011 - 8:32 pm

Love the contrast with her lovely blue eyes and the yellow daffodil.

The Technology of Art | North Andover, MA Photographer

I love photography. Yes, it is a deep revelation 😉 But I have to admit that I don’t enjoy ALL parts of photography. I don’t like the technical part which unfortunately, is very important. I don’t like it because I’ve never been good at math and I hate to think in numbers – the 1/125 of a second at f/4 and ISO 400. The pixels and megapixels, the bytes, the mega and gigabytes. Ugh. Growing up I only had to worry about mosquito bites and dog or horse bites. Much simpler – the first itches a lot and the second will land you in the ER. And creating a painting with paints and brushes is a lot simpler than worrying about the right f stop at the right shutter speed at the right ISO. But it also takes days. And that is why I chomp my way through the camera manual, tons of books and other educational resources and learn how to create the image I envision.

While I don’t enjoy getting into the technical part of things I do make myself learn and practice what is needed to achieve the results I desire. Even though I am known for my “just wing it” way of life – you may see me using my teeth instead of pliers and hammering a nail with a book when I can’t locate the proper tools – if I need to I will stoop down to the right procedures – I will call Apple Technical Support Genius Guy and keep him on the line with me for 45 minutes while they teach me to turn off, unplug and turn my computer back on. I will read through the manual and practice step by step tirelessly for hours until I figure out how to open an umbrella….yes, I am THAT dedicated to my Art.

But all joking aside, photography is a beautiful form of Art. It does take dedication, practice, creative vision and a little bit of talent to succeed. But from my observations of my peers people who have what it takes really enjoy the process of achieving success as much as they enjoy reaching the goal itself. For me the most enjoyable part of photography is being able to share my images with friends, clients and anyone who likes and appreciates my work. Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading through my rambles all the way down here!

A few weeks ago I was finally able to get my first professional brochures printed. I love how they turned out! You can find and pick up one of these at The Upper Crust Pizzeria in Newburyport.

Fun Boys | Newburyport MA Family Photographer

This is one of my favorite families, so sweet and easy to photograph. They needed pictures to hang in their shop, you can see these at the Upper Crust Pizza in Newburyport – You have to try their pizza it is delicious!

As a mother of a wonderful son I have a soft spot for cute little boys. And these guys were the best. We had fun running in the tall grass, giggling, making faces and looking for bugs. Can you resist those cheeks?


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