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Canine Supermodel | Litchfield Pet Photographer

I am so excited to share the pictures of this amazing, incredible and extraordinary canine gal. I first met Mini Me attending dog training classes at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA. My own pup Holly the Miniature Schnauzer immediately became friends with her classmate and the two were all over each other every spare minute they got. Running, chasing, wrestling…they had the best time.  Mini Me’s parents came to see us in CT for Minnie’s photo session and the two of them recognized each other from the first bark after a year!

Mini Me’s life story is one of those sad ones with a happy end. She was found living on the streets of Lawrence surviving on scraps, she was malnourished and hungry. Once at the MSPCA she quickly won the heart of Kathleen, a longtime volunteer who already had a dog that looks exactly like Minnie. It’s a fateful coincidence since both dogs are mixed breeds and neither has the same breed mix in them. But because of the resemblance the family decided to adopt her and renamed “Nena” to “Mini Me” since she was the miniature copy of their current dog Angel. Being adopted for her looks her parents soon discovered that they hit the jackpot of the canine lottery with this pup. Mini Me turned out to be incredibly intelligent, friendly and such a happy girl. Learning obedience and fun tricks is easy for Minnie. She got her Canine Good Citizen certification easily and proceeded to getting certified as a Companion Dog. Now Minnie visits nursing homes and lifts the spirits of the elderly and terminally ill. And she is amazing at this. Who wouldn’t smile and heal a little around this mischievous, wiggly teddy bear girl? Being loved by a furry friend is good for the human soul.

If all that wasn’t enough Mini Me can also brag about an acting career. Last year she performed as Sandy in the play of Annie and this year she will continue acting in a new play. I think if Mini Me was a human she would be pretty proud of herself and she should. Her future is bright and I hear that she is on the path to being a commercial actress and a photo model. Well, photographing this canine diva is a dream. Having been trained since she was adopted at 7 months and keeping up with her training makes her the ideal doggie model. She is just perfect in every way and will continue to win the hearts of everyone who meets her! Her coat is the color of honey and her personality is just as sweet.


Hide and Seek
Check out the dance moves!
I didn’t eat the cake Mom…she did it!
Skate Dog
Wiggle Bums

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